Cheyne Benjamin - Huon Birding
Huon Astrapia (Astrapia rothschildi) adult male at a fruiting Shefflera tree.

Our Approach

Huon Birding aims to facilitate access for birdwatchers to this remote and stunning part of Papua New Guinea to observe its unique avifauna through partnering and respecting traditional landowners of this region.  Huon Birding brings much needed income into these remote communities that have very little in the way of jobs and services.

Founder & Guide

Cheyne Benjamin

The Benjamin family have been in Papua New Guinea for over 50 years.  Cheyne Benjamin grew up in PNG and has a strong understanding of its marine and terrestrial ecosystems as well as the cultures and beliefs of its people.  Cheyne is the owner / manager of Walindi Plantation Resort over in West New Britain where they regularly host birdwatching groups from all over the world.  It was his experience with these groups on New Britain Island that led him to cast his eye over to the Huon Peninsula on mainland New Guinea, where he recognized the great birding potential that this area has to offer and in 2015 he began Huon Birding with the Huon Birding Camp being completed in 2019.

Special Thanks

Tim Laman

A special thank you to Tim Laman for providing his incredible pictures of the rarely photographed Birds of Paradise of the Huon Peninsula.

To see more of his work please visit his website.

Papua New Guinea Tourism Promotion Authority

Thank you to PNGTPA for the support on our first scouting expedition to the Huon Peninsula.

Market Development Facility (MDF)

Thank you to MDF who provided significant support in developing the Huon Birding Camp.  Visit their website to learn more about their work in PNG.

Birds-of-Paradise Project

Visit Cornell Lab of Ornithology's Birds-of-Paradise Project to learn more about Birds of Paradise.


Enquire Now

Contact Cheyne for more information or to add the Huon Peninsula to your birding tour of Papua New Guinea.