Emperor Bird of Paradise

The Emperor Bird of Paradise is the most distinctive member of the “typical” Paradisea species group.  It has a very limited range, confined to the midmountains of the Huon Peninsula.  This unique bird of paradise has an incredible upside-down hanging courtship display.

Huon Astrapia

Huon Astrapia is another bird of paradise only found in the isolated mountain ranges of the Huon Peninsula.  It is one of the more poorly known birds of paradise.  Huon Birding has identified several key spots to allow easy observation of this stunning endemic.

Wahnes's Parotia

Wahnes's Parotia is only found in a narrow band of suitable habitat within the Huon Peninsula and is the longest-tailed member of the genus Parotia.  The male performs a spectacular courtship "ballerina dance" on the forest floor.  Little else is known about its life and habits.

Huon Bowerbird

The Huon Bowerbird Amblyornis germana, recently elevated to species status, is endemic to montane forests on the Huon Peninsula, Papua New Guinea.  Huon Birding has identified several key areas near the camp to observe this endemic.