Rockjumper Huon Peninsula Extension 2018

Huon Peninsula Extension

26th June to 1st July 2018 (6 days)

Trip Report

“We quickly made the decision to spend the rest of the afternoon here.  As we waited, Fairy Lorikeet and Dusky Lory zipped by.  Then, as the later afternoon rolled around, the fruiting tree got very busy indeed.  As many as 10 Huon Astrapias made an almost constant procession to the tree, joined by Spangled and Marbled Honeyeaters, Amboyna, Bar-tailed and Great Cuckoo-Doves, and then what we had really been hoping for: a couple of female Wahne’s Parotias showing well.  Even better, a stunning male then turned up in the tree, flicking his 6 head wires around and showing off his golden frontal shield!  Even a male and female Superb Bird-of-paradise joined in on the action. Absolutely fantastic birding, and then to top it all off a couple of Pesquet’s Parrots made some rather close flybys before the fading light signalled it was time to get back in our transport and head down the hill.  What had started off as an unpromising day had come right in a hurry!” – Adam Walleyn (Tour Leader)

Read the full Rockjumper Huon Peninsula Extension trip report here:

Pesquet’s Parrot – Henry Cook

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